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The House Orders, for Friday Nov. 24th can be found here.

The House will be taking up items 1 and 4.

You can listen to the debate on AM 1230. The session begins at 10AM.

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Here are today's House Orders.

The only item expected to be taken up I believe is the Throne Speech Debate.

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Here are today's House Orders. I'm not sure what is being taken up, but let's hope Glenn Blakeney - who appears to be the Government's designated Cheerleader - doesn't spend another 3 hours reading from a prepared binder in this brown-noser of a take note motion:

“That this Honourable House takes note of the efforts being taken by this Government to encourage competition in a number of sectors of our economy and consider recommending further measures to expand the economic pie for the benefit of the people of Bermuda.”

Presumably the Government's time in Parliament is best spent fawning over themselves with syrupy take note motions.

Election anyone?

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Here are today's House Orders.

The Premier's resolution is regarding the parliamentary salary increases, which is expected to be taken up today.

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Today's House Order paper can be found here.

The schedule of proposed Parliamentary salaries can be found here.

For those who are looking towards the amendment to the Human Rights Code regarding sexual orientation, that is likely to be the final item of the day (other than the motion to adjourn that is).

I'm not optimistic that it will succeed, but I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. It'll be close whatever happens.

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The House is in today, and the orders can be found here.

It would appear that Renee Webb will not take up her amendment to the Human Rights Code today, waiting until next week, nor does it look like the Premier will be taking up the Parliamentary pay-raises today as that does not appear on the order paper.

Doug DeCouto's has taken his online feed of the radio broadcast down, hopefully temporarily, while he sorts out some technical issues.

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Parliament resume today after the post-budget break.

Today's agenda can be found here.

I'd expect the online feed to be up today.

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Here are the:

- (unapproved) House Minutes for Nov. 18, 2005.

- Orders of the Day for tomorrow's session - Nov. 25, 2005.

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