Quote of the Day

From Former Labour and Home Affairs Minister David Burch in his October 2008 letter to employers regarding term limits:

"Most employers," Col. Burch said, "mistakenly believe that the policy was introduced to make more jobs available for Bermudians."

Mr. Burch should have said "employers and the PLP". I guess Walter Roban didn't get the memo.

New Minister Michael Fahy charitably said that the "Opposition are incredibly confused" about term limits, when what he really should have said is that the "Opposition are working hard to confuse people about term limits."

This is one of the reasons that I don't think Bermuda could afford a full 2 years of term limits suspension. Once the OBA saw the review documents and legal opinions that term limits was legally redundant and a huge drag on job creation for Bermudians they were obligated to act and act quickly. Turning the economy around is more important than pandering to the PLPs campaign of misinformation and fear mongering.

This would have given the PLP two more years, on top of the past twelve or so, to continue to misrepresent the policy and feed on people's legitimate fears in a depressed economy - which they created. I don't expect the PLP to be responsible. I do expect the OBA to.

The OBA are more interested in governing. The PLP in politicking. What Bermuda needs now is good governance. Yes they spent some political capital on this, more than they had intended I suspect, but it was well spent.

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