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And in other news: PLP outraged that OBA is following through on election platform campaign promises.

Elections have consequences. The OBA won. The PLP haven't been particularly graceful losers in the first couple of weeks. Being in Opposition is no fun, particularly when you thought victory was 'assured, baked in' as one now PLP MP told me days before the election.

The PLP certainly have the numbers to be difficult, but on these core issues that the OBA ran on for the better part of 18 months they have a clear mandate for implementation.

And kicking and screaming at the mention of a review, or the appointment of a Chairperson, not even at the implementation stages, pretty much signals an early scorched earth "Party of No" approach.

On December 17th there was an election. The OBA won. Narrowly, but they won.

The outcome of that is that the new Government has the support of 52% of the *voting population, plus I'd argue pretty much all the independent votes (about 2% more), to govern on the issues they campaigned on.

[* This was updated to 'voting population' from 'population' to correct the intent.]

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