The Little Things

It's funny how it's the little things that stand-out for me.

While all the talk has been about a potential PLP MP in Cabinet, I was pleased to see Craig Cannonier at his swearing in not wearing a red tie, the colours of the OBA. Not that he can never wear red, but I found the PLP's insertion of their party green colour into official photos, the opening of Parliament, Budget Day etc. very unbecoming.

The OBA has somewhat adopted this trend in response, but it's something I hope they do away with for Government and Parliamentary events.

Bermuda could use a little less partisanship for awhile after the hyper partisanship of the past 14 years.

The OBA did make a conscious choice to signal this by not wearing OBA lapel pins but Bermuda flag pins, while the PLP's pins became comically big over the decade.

Not to mention that it was a pleasure to walk through the arrivals hall on Tuesday morning with no Premier and Deputy Premier photos hanging there after the election.

That's another thing I'd hope we can do away with. There's no need to have photos in every Government office, the airport arrivals hall etc.. It just felt very third world dictator, not something you routinely see in modern democracies.

Symbolism is important, particularly for a new administration making a first impression.

I think Craig is off to a good start, striking a conciliatory tone that couldn't be more at odds with Ewart Brown's 'whites need to be made uncomfortable' comment to BBC Caribbean after the 2007 election.

These kinds of things are easy wins and can make a big difference in bridging the gap and returning humility to our political leadership.

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