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Only the PLP are reality denying enough to issue a statement stating that "government property is no place for partisan politics" on the day that they're holding their 3 day party conference at a public school.

This afternoon the PLP issued this statement: "Allowing advertising on government property sets a dangerous precedent. When the PLP was offered, we turned it down as we believe it's highly inappropriate to have political advertising on government property. We believe that this is a common sense position and have no intention of splashing political advertising on government property. We challenge the OBA to abide by the important precedent that government property is no place for partisan politics.

"The OBA crossing this line is very dangerous. Today, politics in government bus shelters. Tomorrow, who knows what! This is a very slippery and dangerous path that the OBA would have for our country. Bermuda needs to steer clear of allowing political messages to appear on government property.

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Larry Burchall has demonstrated, through indisputable math, that while the PLP are claiming to reject austerity, that they are in fact cutting back on government spending, ie. austerity measures.

However, where Larry is not quite correct, is that this is a secret, unannounced austerity plan.

That isn't true.

The PLP are on record as being pro-austerity, as far back as January 2010 when a Cabinet memo was circulated to the Civil Service ordering 'austere cost savings'.

Yet again, reality has an anti-PLP bias.

None of this will of course stop running ads that they are against austerity and that the other side want to cut back when the truth is very, very different.

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