Relatively similar to those of the OBA

Here's a little something to chew on from the Bermuda Government's recent prospectus for the latest bond issuance:

Bermuda is currently in its election cycle, with elections expected to take place by February 2013, provided that the Governor, acting in accordance with the advice of the Premier, may call for earlier elections.

In general, the policies of the PLP, a pro-democracy, multiracial organization with predominantly black supporters, are relatively similar to those of the OBA. The PLP's mission consists of promoting equal opportunities for all citizens and improving the regulatory environment in the international business sector. The OBA, a pro business, moderate and multiracial organization, is founded on the principles of "opportunity, responsibility, integrity, transparency, fairness, inclusiveness and service."

I don't think this aligns with the PLP's spin on the OBA. I suspect you won't find anyone in the PLP saying their policies were 'relatively similar' to the OBA's, or that the OBA was a 'moderate, multiracial organization' either.

Unless I've been misinterpreting the message, the PLP says that the OBA's policies will send Bermudians back to the plantation (actually their 2012 message is that the OBA don't have any ideas, but that's a different talking point) and that they are an extreme white wing conservative party.

Anyway, just an interesting tidbit from an otherwise typically dull prospectus read.

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