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The PLP's shamelessness has reached an early peak with them taking credit for successfully brings nocturnal chicks back from the brink of extinction!

No, not the College Weeks Reunion. That was cancelled.

It's the Cahow.

Yes, even the Cahow should thank the PLP. After all it was the UBP that tried to kill them off.

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A quick plug for tomorrow's forum by the Centre for Justice.

Wednesday 14th March 2012
6:00 - 8:00 PM

St Paul's Centennial Hall
Cnr. Court and Victoria Streets.

Agenda is here.

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Best call in question tonight on the show: "Gary, who is that white gentleman in the corner?"

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Will be on Let's Talk on Channel 9 Monday at 8PM with Gary Moreno for a panel discussion on Bermy politics.

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Just a heads up for those who might be interested that I will be a guest on tomorrow night's Let's Talk with Gary Moreno at 8PM on ZBM Channel 9 as part of a panel discussion.

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First spin class in 3 years. Ouch, but unbroken. Bring it on Sally.

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From the Department of Unintended Irony, Marc Bean denies use of racial rhetoric through the use of racial rhetoric.

Just to be clear, don't believe your lying eyes and ears, none of the following terms were racial rhetoric:

  • "Uncle Tom's"
  • "House N**gers"
  • "They want to lock us all up"
  • "Back to the Plantation"
  • "We must hasten to employ measures which ensure that our people and our children know that a UBP vote is a vote back to the plantation. It is a vote that will return the shackles to our feet!"
  • "The Auditor General's behaviour indicates that he shares the all-too-common belief that people of African descent are illiterate and chained in darkness, and for them to have any type of success, they must be duly humble and suitably subservient," said Mr. Burgess.
  • "I wouldn't call the member a racist dog because I can see he's not a dog."

Clearly not racial rhetoric.

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