Deja Vu

Derrick Burgess responded to the Report of the Auditor General on the Misuse of Public Funds:

"The Auditor General's behaviour indicates that he shares the all-too-common belief that people of African descent are illiterate and chained in darkness, and for them to have any type of success, they must be duly humble and suitably subservient," said Mr. Burgess.

Sorry. Rookie mistake. That was from the white Auditor General rebuttal file in 2002.

Here's today's black Auditor General rebuttal:

"For the Auditor General to think that she is above the law is shameful. It seems as if Ms Matthews is on a personal witch hunt and to suggest that any wrong doing took place is outrageous and clearly an attempt to malign the integrity of those implicated in her report."

Same audit conclusions. Similarly cynical responses, tailored for the race of the Auditor.

This is why the PLP have no credibility on good governance...and race.

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