Spin me right round

In case you're keeping track, the PLP's latest post on their site has flipped yet again back to saying that term limits was put in place to protect Bermudian jobs from evil, scheming bosses - at least for this week - not that it was to prevent long term residency claims which is what then Minister Burch definitively claimed it was designed for, categorically denying it as having anything to do with job creation or preservation for Bermudians.

One day it's about long term residency. The next about not letting expats steal jobs from Bermudians. Just pick one already will you.

Today's post:

These UBP/OBA economic policies would result in fewer jobs for Bermudians and put more of our land in the hands of foreigners.

Their commitment to end term limits for foreign workers would be nothing short of disastrous for the Bermudian worker. If implemented, employers at all skill levels would no longer be incentivized to hire Bermudians. So many of us have seen our resumes passed over not because of skill, but, because the bosses wanted their overseas man in the job. The OBA/UBP policy would mean more unemployed Bermudians and would cause many Bermudians to give up trying to even look for work.

The PLP act as if abolishing term limits would abolish the Department of Immigration. Removing term limits doesn't mean that jobs just get handed to non-Bermudians. They still would have to be advertised as normal and vetted by the Department of Immigration. That is unless the PLP don't believe that the Department of Immigration does its job properly.

And in case they haven't noticed, as our non-Bermudian workforce has declined, the Bermudian impact has been greater. Unemployment didn't exist in Bermuda before term limits, and right now there are few buyers for land in Bermuda - Bermudian or otherwise.

The PLP's reality bending alternative universe stuff continues to remind me of Stephen Colbert's concept of 'truthiness' and his comment that 'reality has a well-known liberal bias'.

In Bermuda's case it's that reality has a well-known anti-PLP bias.

It appears that as usual the PLP response to weakness is to go on the attack. In this case they are doubling down on term limits with an election coming. This is very dangerous for Bermuda. They appear willing to disparage the remaining job creators and investors who have stuck by Bermuda despite the PLP's hostilities. To escalate it further would be devastating.

Do they have no sense of responsibility, or would they rather sink the ship than make a change in course.

Saving face cannot be allowed to take precedence over saving Bermuda's economy.

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