Arbitrary, Bureaucratic and Subjective

The recent article on Cayman looking to end term limits demonstrated Paula Cox's propensity to resort to the blind em with BS approach in the absence of a solid argument:

"The benefit of the Bermuda immigration model is that it is dynamic and this highlights the flexibility of our policy.

"It is not enshrined in statute and so more absolute. Our approach differs from Cayman as they embedded their rollover policy in legislation, so it lacks the nimbleness of the Bermuda model.

"In our model the Minister responsible for Immigration can identify any additional carve outs, the ten-year work permit and the incentives for job makers, while continuing to keep the promise to Bermudians that we will not create additional long-term residents.

"This resonates further at this time when the Minister can send people home when their term limit expires to free up jobs for Bermudians. In addition, as work permit holders at the lower end cannot bring their families, many do not have an interest in settling in Bermuda.

"It should be noted that persons in key positions are granted waivers and we do facilitate those that cannot afford to recruit from overseas by granting extensions.


An anonymous businessman with companies in both Bermuda and Cayman swatted away some of her redirects.

The Premier and Finance Minister is either delusional or disingenuous - or both - if she seriously believes her own press release.

If you were to play a word association game with "Bermuda Immigration" as the topic, only the PLP could come up with "dynamic", "nimble" and "flexible".

Normal people not cranking out overly verbose press releases that say very little but contain a lot of words would come up with 'arbitrary', 'bureaucratic' and 'subjective' I suspect.

Bob Richards has it right although he was too gentle; this is about putting political pride before country, but the policy isn't just not working for Bermuda nor enhancing our attractiveness as he says, it's exporting jobs, costing everyday Bermudians their jobs, chasing away international investment and making us less attractiveness as a business centre.

They know this. They just don't want to admit that the centre-piece of their economic policy has drastically deepened and prolonged the recession. Hence, why this is not a global recession but the PLP recession.

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