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If the results of the 2007 PLP election campaign weren't bad enough ($1B in debt, record levels of crime, all time tourism lows etc.) they double down on their most dishonest election tactic of 2007 and re-ignite the 8,000 new Bermudians lie, that even their own Derrick Burgess exposed as a lie in the waning days of the election campaign.

This is sheer desperation, incredibly shameless, and more than a bit worrying.

As the PLP gears up into election mode, their commitment to the truth plummets and their willingness to say anything goes off the charts.

Now that they are trying to walk back most of their 2007 election promises, including offering permanent residency to some expats and dropping land licenses, they've decided to try and put the focus on the Opposition who predicted exactly what the PLP have created.

Let's recap what the PLP claimed in 2007: the economy was bullet-proof. Crime was down. Tourism was in a turnaround. Education was doing great. Transport would be free. Healthcare would be free. Daycare would be free. Just for starters.

The reality? The economy has tanked and is still contracting. Crime has skyrocketed both in frequency and severity. Tourism is languishing at all time lows. Education is still flailing. Transport is not free - the pink ferry route has doubled in cost. Healthcare is in a PLP made crisis. Daycare isn't free.

You'd think that after running Bermuda into the ground the PLP would display just an ounce of seriousness heading into an election for a change.

Nope. It's going to be circus side show PLP all over again. Wake me up when it's over.

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Not sure that populist Paula will wear well; it lacks credibility after years of prolix Paula, particularly as the single biggest driver of cost in Bermuda's private sector was prolific Paula and her pork barrel politics, not margin.

But it does signal for sure that the PLP is in pre-election image rehab mode, the consultants know they've lost the public, and has been busy testing some themes over the past weeks to deflect responsibility for making Bermuda Progressively worse over the past decade.

Sure there's some crazy prices around, but there's also some been some crazy overspending under her watch, which, to borrow the Premier's rather unpleasant language, 'economically raped' the taxpayer.

And, as people keep saying: she cut the checks.

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Note to communists: when making an antiquated argument that Governments - and particularly the PLP Government - can provide goods and services to the public at a lower cost and higher quality, it is probably best to not reference education, anything involving construction, and healthcare for starters.

"Food, water, medicines, a right to housing, education, like air, are fundamental to the development of the whole human being and should not be left to the Quo Fata Ferunt of what the capitalist market can bear. This is morally reprehensible."

What's morally reprehensible is under-educating your children for a higher cost than the superior private system; building the new Berkeley school for almost two times the cost; the infamous Bermuda Housing Corporation scandal; building a cruise ship pier for almost double the cost that falls apart in two years; driving up the cost of healthcare by trying to hastily implement failed nationalized medicine per the UK National Healthcare Service; and rushing a policy for generic drugs that has all the hallmarks of insider dealing and business plan driven public policy.

The biggest driver of cost in Bermuda right now is rampant over-spending, debt servicing and overall inefficiency of the PLP Government. All of which is passed along to every Bermudian household and every private sector business.

Maybe Mr. Perinchief wants to go back to the drawing board.

PS Cement from Mr. Butterfield's cement plant was much cheaper than that sold from the same plant, with the same infrastructure and cost base, after his company was handed to a (white) crony capitalist under the guise of black economic empowerment. Jim is pure class. His hiring track record of employing those considered unemployable by others is well known, including to those who attack him.

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The complete reversal on Immigration policy by Paula Cox on Friday is an admission that the PLP's signature policy has inflicted tremendous harm to Bermuda's economy.

The PLP, and specifically Paula Cox who introduced term limits, has gone from "Everyone out after 6 years" to "Some of you can stay forever and get watered down citizenship for yourselves and your families".

Talk about validating everything the realists have warned from day one of the PLP's disastrous term limits misadventure.

This policy reversal should have come with an apology not a self-congratulatory statement. If the PLP had any decency they'd resign in shame for inflicting such harm on our economy while all sorts of people were screaming for them not to do, predicting exactly what came to pass.

This is certainly a step in the right direction, but it really is too little too late.

If this policy is designed to stimulate the economy, then the previous policy of terms limits was designed to contract it. And that's governmental malpractice.

Bermuda's immigration policy pretty much could have been written by our competing jurisdictions, who can't believe that the PLP would incentivise our companies to reduce their presence and investment in Bermuda and expand it elsewhere.

No doubt this policy is being rolled out now because the PLP are aware that the public has completely lost confidence in them to manage the economy heading into an election. And they're right.

Bermuda could have been positioned so strongly heading into the recession if the PLP hadn't decided to undercut our carefully built international business sector while squandering the hundreds of millions of surplus public funds it generated for the benefit of a select few insiders.

Imagine where Bermuda could have been if the PLP implemented a policy such as this instead of term limits, while building a sovereign wealth fund during the expansion of the early 2000s?

The Opposition parties, as they began to on Friday, should take this about face and relentlessly hammer the PLP for flip flopping and for being so wrong on every big issue.

For the PLP to finally admit that their signature economic policy was so wrong - as they did Friday even if they will never say it outright - and contributed to the financial problems Bermudians are dealing with today, presents a huge opportunity.

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From the dept of 2 little 2 late http://bit.ly/pGZn7t. Total capitulation on their own immigration laws. An admission of economic guilt.

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