Random Thought of the Day

Apologies for the quiet lately but I'm fighting off some disease that just won't go away.

But...I had a random thought today.

With the spreading of same sex marriages across North America, Europe and other countries, it's just a matter of time before Bermuda Immigration faces the question of a non-Bermudian worker coming to the island with a same sex spouse?

What are they going to do in that situation?

And what are they going to do if a Bermudian same sex couple go overseas and get married?

What happens to benefits? Pensions? Health insurance coverage etc?

Or a Bermudian/non-Bermudian same sex couple goes overseas and gets legally married.

Does the same sex spouse get status in 10 years?

We already know that the PLP Government is pro-discrimination for mixed status hetero-couples so in that case that discrimination will carry over.

But looking beyond that some interesting scenarios could play out.

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