A lifetime to build. Seconds to destroy.

It is always amazing to me that the PLP issues very guarded statements in response to allegations of Government corruption (one of the few statements which doesn't appeared on their website by the way) but goes all out to condemn those who call for an all out response to it in order to restore Bermuda's name. John Barritt:

"These are extremely serious allegations, made under oath in Supreme Court before the Chief Justice of Bermuda. They raise questions about the conduct of the Government of Bermuda that must be answered.

"Until the allegations are addressed, Bermuda's international reputation will suffer and we will endure another episode where the integrity of Bermuda's political leaders is open to question."

It takes a lifetime to build up a reputation, but seconds to destroy it.

Calling for a investigation to get to the bottom of corruption allegations at the highest levels of the Bermuda Government - in a measured way as OBA leader John Barritt did - doesn't harm Bermuda's reputation overseas, quite the opposite.

Corruption happens in every country around the world.

What shows your character and values is how you respond to it, not how you respond to those who want to root it out.

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