It's over

I'm speechless with the news that a small group of UBP members/MPs have filed an injunction to prevent the winding up of the UBP.

This is lunacy. It's over. Let it go. Time to move on.

One of this year's National Heroes, Jack Tucker, knew when it was time to break with the past and chart a new course. This is another of those times.

Give it up guys. What are you trying to save? The UBP is over.

If these guys don't join up with the One BA, then all this merger effort, which has taken months, a year even, will be for nothing and you'll simply have another rump 3rd party that is no longer viable. This time it will be the UBP.

Let. It. Go. It's time. Past time actually.

(Ok, so I wasn't speechless.)

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