The upside of hard times

Three data points makes a trend in my book.

I've now now been told (unsolicited) by 3 different sets of clients in the past 6 weeks that "Customs and immigration are extremely pleasant and friendly at the airport now", telling people "thanks for coming to visit" and "we appreciate your business" while processing them. Additionally, apparently the grilling over declaring small corporate gifts (pens, shirts, hats etc) has stopped as well.

The flip side however is that apparently locals are getting the 3rd degree over those antiquated yellow slips of paper and are being asked to produce accompanying original receipts as Government presumably searches for revenue anywhere they can.

I've also had several clients observe that "people are noticeably more friendly on the island now".

So that's a benefit of the pain that is permeating the island. It's taken time, but a serious dose of pain seems to have reminded people that, as the UBP said, business travelers are our customers. That behaviours and attitudes are changing - even anecdotally - is a very pleasant surprise and a sign of Bermuda maturing.

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