It's hard to remember any issue which has united such a diverse group of people in Bermuda in opposition as the Tucker's Point SDO. The Uighurs is perhaps the closest I can think of, but even that didn't draw out publicly traditional PLP support in public opposition.

The protest today promises to be big, and it will be tough for the PLP to use their normal 'angry white mob' line against this one.

I'm hoping the Senate kicks this back to the House and all sides can come back to the table and reach some sort of a compromise position. The problem for TPC is that the scale of their economic problems appear to be so large that anything less than this massive proposed development will be insufficient to prevent bankruptcy.

I wouldn't be opposed to construction on the existing brownfield sites on the property, such as the top of Ship's Hill, but many of the areas are too environmentally sensitive, and the area would become too crowded.

There's not a lot of good options on the table, and Bermuda should support Tucker's Point and our existing properties as much as they can, but this request has been so horribly managed by both the developer and the Government and is too big of an ask. The overwhelming public opposition can't be ignored.

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