Verge of a merge

So, the UBP - BDA merger, into clearly a new entity, is imminent.

This is a very positive development that bodes well for both entities and puts months, or years of uncertainty and anxiety to bed. The leadership of the new group will surely be a mix of leadership from both and a mix in the Senate lineup as well which is a win for the BDA.

The social issues can be overcome, I just really hope that this marks the end of infighting, public spats and back-biting, and a renewed energy among the Opposition. The UBP has been fighting since the mid 90s, and the public, and themselves I suspect have had enough.

The BDA have managed to create a group of relatively inexperienced but energised Bermudians genuinely interested in moving the island forward, while the UBP still possess significant experience and credibility on the economic front which is paramount in people's minds, and Parliamentary skills.

If the new group can succeed in melding the best of each entity, and remaining focused on the ultimate goal of success at the polls, Bermuda will be well served.

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