Cognitive Dissonance

One of the PLP's most impressive traits is the ability to compartmentalize things so well, and express with a straight face or apparent sincerity completely incompatible views.

Just in the past few days the PLP have dismissed a UBP/BDA merger as "the same players, the same backers, the same policies" and try to place 400 years of history on them, yet today tried to reboot the PLP's disastrous 12 year tenure as "we're 100 days into Premier Paula Cox's term. How are we doing?" and are busily UBP-ifying themselves by accepting former UBP Cabinet Ministers and MPs into their ranks.

So while the UBP and BDA have relatively few MPs who've been in Parliament continually since 1998, the PLP have largely the same cabinet, just continually reshuffled, yet act as if they just took office 100 days ago (or whenever they get a new leader).

The cognitive dissonance, or lack of shame, or both, is impressive.

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