Budget Reply

I've been a bit short of time, and remiss on commenting on the UBP's Budget Reply, which I hope to do properly tomorrow. It was first class, and really built in two parts, the first the analysis of local and international economic conditions and history, and then the second being a way out of this mess.

To those who insist on saying the UBP only complains and never offers solutions, this is a direct rebuttal, a devastating rebuttal of the PLP's disastrous fiscal policy as highlighted by the warnings from the UBP over many years that this was where Bermuda was headed.

If you need proof that the reply was compelling and on point, just read the PLP website's rebuttal which of course has to try and paint it as the polar opposite of what it was: "Richards Delivers Weakest Opposition Budget Reply of His Tenure" (therefore his best).

The headline and content is delusional and dishonest of course, but that's to be expected. The PLP cannot admit that not just was this a brutally honest and pragmatic reply delivered in the most down to earth language of Bob Richard's tenure, but its credibility is built on the back of successive Budget Replies by successive UBP Finance Ministers predicting what has come to pass.

If you ask yourself the question of 'would we be stronger financially if the UBP had been in power', the answer is obviously yes. And that's not just bias, that can be empirically proven by the UBP's fiscal history and commentary in their budget replies.

The Reply was a bit depressing in its truthfulness, but it does present a path for progress and if Government had the strength of character to follow through Bermuda's trajectory could be pointed up not down again.

I remain an optimist at heart, but a realist as well.

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