Aspirational to survival

The logical conclusion of policies like term limits and now a moratorium on certain jobs is that Government doesn't believe that their work permit process works. If Immigration does its job then there is no need for additional policies to be layered on top of existing processes.

What is interesting is that the moratorium is to protect low and lower paying jobs like landscaping, pot washing etc. due to a sudden and severe contraction of the economy at all levels, but disproportionately hitting lower income workers.

It's a sign of how horribly the economy has been mis-managed that only a few years ago Government was talking about Sven and Johnny and that Bermudians should be in the top level jobs at billion dollar corporations. Now, they're saying "pot washing isn't beneath you. Don't turn down a job because you think it pays too little."

The PLP's politics have gone from aspirational to survival in 3 or 4 short years.

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