Deep pockets, short arms

The news that ex-Premier Brown will allegedly be paying for Works and Engineering to build a wall on his property will have come to a surprise to everyone - W & E and Dr. Brown included I'm sure.

Nice to see Zane DeSilva defending his patron with the language of the unapologetically corrupt, and uninformed:

Mr DeSilva added that former United Bermuda Party (UBP) Minister Ralph Marshall had Mr DeSilva added that former United Bermuda Party (UBP) Minister Ralph Marshall had walls built by Works & Engineering on two of his West End properties one at Whale Bay and another at Hog Bay.

"What goes around, comes around," Mr DeSilva finished.

UBP Deputy Leader Trevor Moniz objected that in both cases Mr Marshall had given away a strip of his property to allow for the construction of sidewalk.

And UBP MP John Barritt said: "I bristle when I hear things like 'what goes around comes around', if land owners are willing to give land for sidewalk." (*)

The more things change....

[* UPDATE: John Barrit contacted me as the Gazette's quote was incorrect and didn't accurately capture his intent. John's clarification is as follow:

The point I thought I made was I bristle when I hear comments like what goes around comes around because the people of this country are tired of this sort of justification. They want us to break from the past and past practices and do what's right. But on that front, I said it was my recollection that what W&E used to do (and I still hoped they would do) is build walls for land-owners who give up property for the purposes of constructing a sidewalk. That was good practice . A kind of quid pro quo which works for the benefit of the public. The paragraph which the RG reported just didn't capture at all what I said or was trying to say.]

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