Adopt a Contractor

Surely Dame Jennifer is self-aware enough to have foreseen the optics of her lineup of school adopters, a benevolent bunch who are dipping so generously into their pockets lined by the taxpayers to bail out our apparently broke Government who can't afford to maintain the schools.

That the Adopt a School Program is being funded by PLP insiders and beneficiaries of Government's decade long Adopt a Contractor program is unintentionally amusing and sad:

  • A former Premier.
  • A current Cabinet Minister whose construction equipment is crawling all over Marsh Folly as we speak.
  • The head of Rock Media who has been involved in all sorts of Government expenses.
  • And a PLP Senator and former Chairman whose consulting firm was running IT services over at TCD.

This stuff is comedic gold - a tragedy - delivered with the earnest seriousness of the self-deluded.

Of course there was one contractor notably missing, whose over-billing to the tune of tens of millions of dollars has outraged multiple Auditor Generals and could of course have probably covered maintenance of all Government buildings for many years.

The unintentional political messaging here is that Government is well and truly broke and the circle of friends remains fully in tact. Government as charity inwards and outwards.

If I was the UBP or BDA I'd be rounding up $10,000, and offering to sponsor a school (with a nice placard) and waiting for the PLP to say "Hell no!"

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