Sarah Palin's Bermuda

Want another way the PLP and the Republican party walk in lockstep?

Sarah Palin and media bias is it.

Sarah Palin recently was on the only network she will appear on - Fox News - with a partisan opinion host, to decry and state her refusal to be interviewed by a real journalist due to their apparent bias while claiming to be out to fix journalism.

Sound familiar?

You betcha.

The PLP, most notably through their former Premier, refused to be interviewed by the Royal Gazette, but would regularly go on partisan outlet Hott 107.5 (owned by their MP) to be interviewed by a partisan radio host (his appointed Senator) to decry The Royal Gazette for media bias and wanting to fix it through a media council.

Didn't the former Premier say he wanted to be judged by his enemies? Better to judge by the company you keep.

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