When interests align

I didn't make it to the PGA Grand Slam this week, but I have been watching it on TNT and the island looks great on TV as always, and the course has held up well to the pros.

The Grand Slam of Golf proved to be one of the rare examples over the past 4 years of the benefits for Bermuda when the outgoing Premier and Bermuda's interests align.

Sadly golf seemed to be about the only case of this.

The key is for Bermuda to use the Grand Slam as a spring board to really leverage this and attract or create a bigger PGA event, a full four rounds with a larger field to generate much more exposure for the island for a key tourism target market.

I'm not sure how you credibly measure the economic value of an event like this relative to Bermuda's tourism spend, but it does demonstrate just how great a venue Bermuda is for these kind of events.

It's a longer term goal, and won't happen overnight, but I don't think the island should be content with this as the sole professional golf event on the island.

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