Waiting to exhale

Well, there you have it, Brown is gone, and the overwhelming majority of Bermudians who disapproved of his tenure will now collectively exhale.

Paula Cox as expected cruised to the Premiership.

I wish her well, and time will tell if now that she has been selected as party leader will she begin to walk back on items that are damaging to Bermuda but she had to show allegiance to publicly pre-selection, such as her billion in debt and public commitment to term limits for example. Can she bring her party back from its radicalism in both politics and policy under Brown.

The first step surely must be changing the tone and tenor from anger and antagonism to inclusion and collaboration.

Cabinet and Senate selections will of course be interesting. As will the fate of the political taxpayer funded entourage and 'advisors'.

Update: The choice of Derrick Burgess as Deputy Premier, while largely a meaningless designation, does affirm that the PLP membership has not grown with today's changing Bermuda. That choice has indicated through this combination that it sees no need for modernisation or introspection and has reaffirmed the mistakes of the past few years that are making Bermuda less attractive and competitive.

For Terry Lister, and to a lesser extent Dale Butler (due to his almost non-existent campaign and seeming indifference), to be rejected outright when they were the sole voices of moderation and centrism is a bad sign.

Time for the Opposition(s) to get their s#!t together. The PLP are sitting still while Bermuda has changed.

The UBP and BDA have the better ideas and are firmly grounded in pragmatic realism, but lack viability. Bermuda can't afford to be governed by dogma and antiquated ideas.

The Swiss and other jurisdictions chomping at the bit to take our industry are surely loving this.

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