Rinse. Repeat.

Ah, that oh so familiar ritual of announcing that construction is imminent at the old Club Med site.

15 Nov. 2007 - Action, Not Words: PLP Delivers for St. George's

3 April 2008 - Bazarian Intl. to build hotel at Club Med

26 Aug. 2008 - Once the dust settles

17 Dec. 2008 - Work on new hotel to start next year; completed by 2012

6 Aug. 2009 - Bazarian expects to secure $120m in financing from HSBC

21 Oct. 2010 - Breaking News: Ground to be broken on Park Hyatt hotel next year

I hope this happens. I really do. Hyatt appearing to sign on is progress. But it's obvious that today was just a made for TV event for the outgoing Premier's lame self-tribute videos. Time was running out.

"Must show progress by October 30th. Must show process by October 30th." Rinse. Repeat.

I suspect I'm not alone, and I've said it before, but wake me when Island and Correia Construction equipment is idling on site.

Until then the public is being treated as victims of tourism Stockholm Syndrome, our very own non-reality 'reality' show.

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