High and dry

Generally it's better to just admit that mistakes were made and that you're working to rectify them rather than trotting out utter nonsense.

And so the ferry saga continues with PLP Senator Marc Bean trotting out this statement:

"In terms of ensuring quality, I ask the question; If the public does not find acceptable, the idea of flying on a 20-year-old airplane, or riding on a 20-year-old bus, then why would we think that they should ride on a 20-year-old ferry?

I thought Marc Bean was a pilot?

How old does he think those Delta, AA, USAir, BA, Air Canada planes are that fly in and out of the island every day? They're over ten, in many case twenty to thirty years old. The only planes younger than that will be the newer airlines like JetBlue which has a young fleet but those planes will be in service well over 20 years. You thought tickets were expensive now, imagine replacing billions of dollars of a fleet every 7 years?

Where does he get the idea that the public doesn't find it acceptable to fly on 20 year old airplanes? They must find it acceptable or no-one would travel by air.

Ask anyone in the aviation insurance business what the hull ages are on commercial airlines and they'll tell you 20-30 years is common, and design life is much longer.

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