Propagandising to a Nation

Bernews over the weekend posted an article on their site and Facebook with the Premier's self-promotional video shown at the Gala, rather oddly entitled "Prescribing for a Nation".

The video was then promptly marked as private so that it could no longer be viewed, but this link still works - for now - if you're a sucker for punishment and celluloid narcissism.

Memorable takeaway:

Lowering your golf handicap is not generally considered to be positively correlated with job performance...unless you're a professional golfer.

Then again, this is the same guy who said with a straight face that his plans for retirement are travel and golf, which is exactly what he did while in office.

The video was probably removed because it wouldn't stand up to a Bermudian audience, it is obviously a self-directed self-promotional piece. But it is what it is, a rewriting selective view of history through the eyes of the subject, intended to frame a legacy, boost an ego, affirm the die-hards and play to a foreign audience.

I suspect variations of this will be used as Dr. Brown goes around the faux award circuit in the US and is feted for his 'service' to Bermuda. I think service is right, just it was self-service.

It's all very incestuous. You throw taxpayer funds at someone, their business or they 'foundation' and they return the favour through some grand sounding award from some unknown entity.

Bermuda was simply the vehicle for Dr. Brown to profile himself overseas and this is a continuation of that. Hence the Presidential framing of his time, including a 4 year 'term', a concept that is meaningless in the Westminster system.

His audience always was outside of Bermuda.

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