Why is it that when I read about the White House party crasher fabricating a supposed assault by Whoopi Goldberg on the View, which the video incontrovertibly proves was a lie, I thought of Zane DeSilva?

Could it be because he fabricated a mob surrounding and banging on his car during the Corporation of Hamilton march?

Ah, the power of false media narratives and publicity hounds (the Salahis are the epitome of media whores - but I'm not allowed to say that. The term is racist you see. Except I just used it for a white couple. Go figure.)

I digress.

Even when something is patently untrue the press tend to immediately report the accusations as though credible - lending them credibility - rather than investigating the claim and then simply reporting that one side fabricated an incident out of thin air and proceeding to debunk it.

The story shouldn't be "Whoopi accused of attacking guest", it should be "Guest lies about assault on The View". As the Corporation of Hamilton story headline should have been "Minister fabricates story about mob attack on his car" rather than "DeSilva says angry protestors were driven by racism".

Just cuz it's in a press release doesn't mean it deserves reporting on or regurgitating.

The greatest example of the Republican/PLP strategy to level claims of rampant media bias, cowing the media into drawing false equivalencies and reporting from the back foot rather than the front, was watching the Republicans attack the New York Times for a liberal bias, all the while using them to carry their water on the bogus Iraq has weapons of mass destruction story.

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