From the Ministry of Bizarre Press Releases today we get this:

In response to media inquiries, the Cabinet Office today confirmed that Head of the Civil Service, Mr. Kenneth Dill reaches retirement age in September 2010. Public Officers appointed under section 82 of the Bermuda Constitution reach retirement age at sixty-five years.

Premier Dr Ewart Brown indicated today that despite numerous attempts to contact the outgoing Head of the Civil Service, the matter had not been discussed with Mr. Dill.

"I have spoken with the Governor today concerning an interim arrangement for the period between Mr. Dill's departure and the swearing-in of a new Premier in October," the Premier said.

The Premier can't get hold of the Head of the Civil Service? Or the Head of the Civil Service won't return his calls? Really. That's shocking.

And the outgoing Premier has issued a press release telling Mr. Dill to not let the door hit him in the ass as he's run out of the office on his birthday because he's 65?"

How bizarre is this? Way to go on succession planning.

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