The post Brown era begins

Terry Lister today seized the initiative by declaring his candidacy for PLP leader (and Premier), with a statement that is so sensible I can't possibly imagine it being successful with the PLP delegates. By declaring early and clearly he has surely not unintentionally highlighted front-runner Paula Cox's continued lack of decisiveness.

Much like Dale Butler's early indications, his message appears tailored more for a national audience than the narrow PLP delegates who tend to occupy the extremes of Bermuda politics and political thought. We'll see how that works out but this does signal perhaps a moderating of PLP thought and a more reality based, pragmatic approach not driven by dogma.

I wish him luck. We haven't always agreed, but if he does what he says then Bermuda will be well served.

May I propose that he recruit a large group of white Bermudians to rally against his candidacy and declare their support of Paula Cox. No doubt he'd be a shoe in with the delegates at that point.

PS Mr. Lister declared on Twitter, in what must be a first for Bermuda.

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