A familiar refrain

When the PLP start bleating like sheep about 'white privilege', 'oligarchies' and 'aristocracy' you can be sure that they've lost the argument or an election is on the way, or both.

In the case of the Corporation of Hamilton I believe the outgoing Premier has lost the argument and has simply retrenched, making this a bogus fight against a non-existent foe. The tried and true PLP rally cry.

Kathy Gibbons' op-ed struck the right tone; the Corporations are a de facto separation of powers, a check and balance on the potential dangers of bad or malicious national/local blended government.

Bermuda is small yes, but the difference in fiscal management between the debt ridden national government and debt free municipalities is stark. Yes, reform is needed, that much is agreed by all sides - although the PLP refuse to acknowledge it because it doesn't fit the narrative.

The PLP's aggressive stance now on the issue is amplified because they have been out PR'd by the Corporation. It's become personal. This is the outgoing Premier's final high-profile item, his last attempt to manufacture a legacy beyond scandals and controversies after seeing his own personal liabilities doom the gaming bill and has his backbench in a muted, but very, real revolt.

The question over this bill is just how public of a middle finger do his MPs want to show him as he leaves office? Generally the PLP have been loathe to criticise in public, although it's clear they're counting down the days to his departure as much if not more than everyone else.

The Corporation of Hamilton has played their cards very well so far, but I'm not so sure the rally/march tomorrow was one they should have played. The key is turnout - size and who.

During the Uighur debacle, Dr. Brown was clearly on the ropes - until the protest, when he was successfully able to pivot and portray the protest as some angry white mob (which it was not). He even dragged his wife out as a prop in front of the crowd, hoping to create a scene. Nice stage management indeed, all subtleties cast aside with the mic set up in front of the Sally Basset statue.

At that point the pressure quickly shifted onto the PLP MPs to not publicly side with this faux 'angry white mob', and they all capitulated although they fundamentally agreed with the protester sentiment as evidenced by the speeches condemning the outgoing Premier in Parliament.

The question tomorrow with the march/rally is does this box in the PLP backbench, with the party discipline and intimidation clearly being amped up in a big way and I understand all kinds of backroom deals being cut.

If this bill is voted down tomorrow, the outgoing Premier will have been dealt a very public humiliation on his last day in Parliament. He will do everything and anything to prevent that. Hence the racial refrain that this has now taken because he knows he can't win it on the argument.

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