The World Cup. In digital?

Rick Richardson of Bermuda Broadcasting was on the radio this afternoon having a pretty good rant about signal quality, World Cup exclusivity and a few other things.

Setting aside exclusivity, which is a legal argument about regional television distribution rights, here's the good news.

Mr. Richardson stated that Bermuda Broadcasting has just finished a million dollar upgrade of their equipment and now has the capabilities for digital and HD. He put the onus on the cable provider as to how they 'disseminate that signal', however it seemed pretty unequivocal that they are now fully digital and will be distributing a digital signal of the World Cup.

The bad news? As I understand it the cable providers have to apply for approval to add stations, and this process usually takes months. So the likelihood of an HD signal for the World Cup is low at best I'd suspect.

Time will tell, but I'm plugging in some rabbit ears tonight to my HD TV and seeing if the picture has improved.

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