The forced apology

There's nothing I find more entertaining than the classic political apology, when a politician apologises for saying what they actually believe for a change. Today we were treated to a truly comical version from PLP Senator Marc Bean who last week lambasted his party for a 12 year epic fail.

"My Government, from 1998 to today, has failed," he said. "I give my Government a triple F."


"It's like we bought a house built on sand and instead of fixing it we've changed the curtains and we've changed the tiles," he said last week.

It gets even better though. This wasn't just the the normal insincere apology of convenience. This wasn't just the forced apology, it was public groveling, humiliation, begging for forgiveness. And how do you do that in PLP land? Well, you have to do a complete and utter reversal and parrot the well worn old faithful PLP narrative of.....

It's all the UBP's fault!

How unoriginal. 12 years later, after over a decade in power with an Opposition in disarray, the PLP's failures are the fault of the UBP?

"Upon reflection I recognise that my words may have created discomfort among the hardworking men and women in this Government who since 1998 have striven to overcome the failed education system, the economic inequity and the institutional racism that we inherited from the former Government."

If only we had a local Daily Show. They wouldn't even need to ridicule, it's just so patently absurd in the first place.

And to think one of the PLP's nasty attack ads during the election was that one of the UBP's candidates was a puppet and was having words put into his mouth.

Who's the puppet now?

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