You're my obsession

How can we have a media council that:

  • Doesn't include Government's Department of Communication
  • Doesn't include the party press officers
  • Doesn't include the party websites
  • Doesn't address media ownership by elected politicians (Hott 107.5)
  • Doesn't address media run by politicians (Hott 107.5)
  • Is dominated by political appointees
  • Already have a politically appointed broadcast Commission which refused to enforce compliance with legislation at the last election

If the PLP's website isn't subject to this council, Article 11 (2) (n), which deals with "incitement to hatred", might as well be removed.

If we have a media council shouldn't we also have a Political Complaints Council governing the behaviour of, and to field complaints against, politicians?

The closest thing we have to that is the Ombudsman, except you'll recall Cabinet kindly excluded themselves from any oversight of the Ombudsman. Convenient.

This thing is an abomination (and probably at odds with the courts and the Consitution on free speech and press freedom), and quite simply a backdoor attempt to stifle free speech and media independence. it's clearly driven by the lame duck Premier's, and to a lesser extent the whole PLP's, irrational obsession with The Royal Gazette as the paper of record and their inability to muzzle them in the courts which have repeatedly ruled in favour of the right to publish (BHC and more narrowly in the recently leaked Cabinet memo).

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