The fourth column I ever wrote for The Royal Gazette was titled "We're living in the dark ages", and discussed the antiquated way Parliament conducted itself.

It was refreshing then when I tuned in yesterday, admittedly still only available via audio, to hear a proper Parliamentary Question Period as well as 30 minute limits on each speaker during the debate on gambling. The time limit made every speaker more focused and prevented much of the usual pointless rambling and grandstanding.

The Royal Gazette covers more of the imminent changes, including a digital archive and Hansard, which are all very overdue and welcome.

Credit has to go to John Barritt who has been relentlessly pushing for this for years.

It is also worth pointing out that the new website was live-blogging the gambling debate, shortly after which The Royal Gazette website had frequent updates as well.

Bermuda's Pariament and media are finally moving out of the dark ages into the electronic age.

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