A friend who attended Mr. Burch's Bermudians in International Business meeting said to me afterwards that:

The thing with David Burch is that 90% of what he says he is mostly reasonable although you may disagree, but then the other 10% is so outrageously offensive and inflammatory that he shouldn't be given much responsibility.

So, from the Labour and Home Affairs Minister's radio interview on Everest DeCosta several days ago, addressing visas and marriages of convenience/prostitution, I present Exhibit A-Z of my friend's theory

'.....of course, sometimes we have to save Bermudians from themselves. You know what happens, Bermudians go to one of these countries, fall in love and bring them back to Bermuda. Then it goes wrong and I tell 'em (I think I can say this on the air) - You can't make a whore into a housewife'

Okay then.

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