On Friday the outgoing Premier delivered this indisputable lie to Parliament:

"The media council, as proposed by this Government, achieves that and, as international media organisations have determined, does not even come close to threatening the freedom of the press."

Which of course begs the question of if the outgoing Premier is willing to lie to Parliament about the international media condemnation of his Media Council Act, why wouldn't he also lie about the supposed "continuing deterioration of media objectivity" and the whole global media conspiracy against the PLP (excluding all the PLP owned and run media)?

You can't take seriously the claim that "this Government does however envision a day when fair, objective and accountable journalism is the norm rather than the exception." when that same Government is lying to the House of Assembly.

Credibility is much harder to gain than lose. Bermuda loses a little bit more of its own every time the Government and the outgoing Premier behave like small time undemocratic despots, rather than sophisticated and progressive legislators of one of the most prosperous places in the world.

A related question is how much damage are the PLP going to allow Dr. Brown to do to their party on his way out? Is he going to leave his party and the country the way George Bush did for the Republicans and the US? The way Tony Blair did to Labour and the UK? The way Jean Cretien did for the Liberals and Canada?

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