Bringing down the House

The green paper is being debated. And the outcome is obvious. Gambling legislation through Parliament is dead. Stick a fork in it.

The outgoing Premier can continue to waste time and dollars campaigning for it, but it ain't gonna happen. Not this way.

The only path that the outgoing Premier appears to have is to take up the UBP's suggestion of a referendum and try and go around Parliament; it's clear from today's debate that there is close to zero support for gambling in the House.

Paula Cox pretty much killed it by coming out early in opposition and cited the PLP's leadership change in October as why the timing is inappropriate. There is close to no support in Cabinet or the governing party, which makes the official position of the PLP, as articulated on the PLP's website, of aggressively in favour all the more interesting:

The facts are clear and conclusive. Safe, well regulated and controlled gaming will create up to 3,000 new jobs and add up to $146 million to our economy. Gaming is demanded by tourists. In our gateway markets on the American east cost, fully 65% believe that casinos are a very or somewhat important to their tourism choices. That number jumps to 84% among travel and tourism professionals. Last night, at the Sandy's Rotary, Premier Ewart Brown made the case for safe, well regulated gaming:

That is from the official site of the PLP, yet you can count on one hand how many of their MPs have come out in favour. The party website says they are for it. Their MP's say they are overwhelmingly against it.

So which is it? Or has the PLP as a party handed over all party communications and policies to a Presidential style apparatus?

The country - and his own party - are looking past him. Ewart Brown is in the rear view mirror.

If it walks like a lame's a lame duck.

Six more months treading water is time Bermuda can't afford. The PLP should move him out now. These are unusual times. Ewart Brown has no mandate. He's simply on a taxpayer sponsored international farewell tour.

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