Sophisticated and reasonable

When the meeting to discuss term limits was initially announced I encouraged people to give the Minister the benefit of the doubt and try to engage him constructively. I have to say that I'm disappointed that Mr. Burch has adopted the tone he has towards Michael Fahy and Michael Dunkley.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend, but it appears that as the Minister has created a circus around who can attend the MInistry is now micro-managing entry in a very unpleasant way as seen in the email below:

To expedite entry into the meeting on Thursday, 8 April at The Berkeley Institute for Bermudians who work in International Business, wrist bands will be issued to persons who have RSVP'd.

As you have RSVP'd you can collect your wrist band from the Ministry of Labour, Home Affairs & Housing located in the Government Administration Building, First Floor 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12.

Also, it will be available prior to the meeting at the venue.

Zina Tucker (Mrs.)

Ministry of Labour, Home Affairs & Housing

This doesn't have to be this way. Anyone with a shred of intellectually honesty or realism knows that this is not the way that a member of a credible Government anywhere in the world behaves, least of all Bermuda who used to have a reputation for being sophisticated and reasonable.

It's an embarrassment. This is not the way anyone who is going to work or invest billions of dollars in a jurisdiction deserves, expects, or even need to be treated. There are many more welcoming places that would love to have, and are already getting, investment formerly sent to Bermuda.

The Minister has missed a real opportunity to elevate the discussion by the tone of his original email and subsequent fights over who can and cannot attend.

A credible, serious Premier would not allow a Minister of the Bermuda Government to act in such an unpredictable and unpleasant manner. They'd either reprimand them or remove them.

Is it any wonder that the Minister and Premier complain that they hear more unguarded views from senior international business executives anonymously in the press than in personal meetings.

The Minister comes across as unpredictable and vindictive. No-one is going to expose their shareholders directly to this kind of behaviour, so they most likely edit themselves in private, or the Minister isn't hearing what they're saying behind the layers of formality and politeness.

I don't understand the obsession with manufacturing conflict. I really don't. This makes us a laughing stock. I know. I get the emails and phone calls from overseas.

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