On Sledgehammers

I'm convinced that if you sprained your ankle the PLP would propose amputating both your legs as a long term solution to ankle sprains.

This land license legislation is completely over the top, offensive, and unnecessary. Vexed is absolutely correct. Marginalising families because their spouses are non-Bermudian is only going to further drive wedges through this community. And what exactly does all this achieve?

Properties owned by Bermudian families with one not-yet Bermudian spouse should not be classified as foreign owned. Those are Bermudian owned. This claim of 37% foreign ownership of land is nonsense, because it's inflated by classifying mixed status couples as foreign.

What problem are we solving here? Fronting? This will do nothing to prevent fronting, because if you're going to front you sure as hell aren't going to register the front with the Government. And Vexed makes another good point that this same Government is happy to sell off tourism zoned land as fractionals with massive tax concessions to foreign owners, yet discriminates against Bermudian mixed status couple who buy property.

This is all compounded by the fact that it's impossible to make any sort of a nuanced argument when the Minister foams at the mouth if anyone dare suggest there's an easier more sensible way to go about things.

Right now the Minister and the PLP are creating huge legal uncertainties and expense without actually remedying a supposed problem.

This is the identical sledgehammer approach that we're seeing on term limits which is undermining Bermuda's viability as a financial domicile.

Contrary to Kath Bell's Letter to the Editor an autocracy is not a good thing, not even temporarily. In fact, Mr. Burch is a huge liability to Bermuda as a legislator. His skills lie elsewhere.

A friend recently said to me that there are thinkers and doers and that Mr. Burch is a doer. Give him a policy to implement and he'll get that done quickly and as intended, but ask him to think about the solution to a problem? Yikes. His trail of devastation is testament to this.

At its core, both of these issues boil down to the PLP's view of Bermuda being far too insular and inwards looking. Their dogma doesn't reflect the reality of life and the real world of interdependence that Bermuda has thrived in, and in many cases led the way.

Instead we've seen a shift in already restrictive but realistic immigration policies from the UBP era to ones that make no practical sense and end up alienating huge segments of the community, both local and foreign who have close social and economic ties.

Bermuda is a cosmopolitan place. We can't continue to thrive if we're at the mercy of an outdated mentality built on a fantasy about what Bermuda is and should be implemented by a guy who clearly has anger issues.

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