Do the math

The Sun today has an article with Peter Carey of the Family Centre discussing the link between the breakdown of families and the proliferation of gangs.

This reminded me of the following from a Gazette article after the Good Friday shooting:

A 40-year-old woman told how her grandson heard gunshots from inside the family home and ran to her.

"He was shaking when he came to me. He said: 'Nana, nana, I heard gunshots.' I was sitting outside and I heard them too. He is nine and he goes to the school. And this is not the first time he's hearing gunshots.

Did you catch that?

A 40 year old grandmother...with a 9 year old grandson!

Do the math. That situation alone is part of the problem, babies having babies, and is indicative of a serious problem which is more widespread than people think. It leaped out at me when I read that article. I'm surprised that no-one really picked up on it.

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