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If the crime situation on the island wasn't so serious you could get a lot of comedy out of the outgoing Premier's rather desperate redirection by attempting to blame his party's inaction on the UBP for swatting at his SWAT team suggestion.

At the time, the UBP stood united against the SWAT Team and led a public relations charge to kill it.

Piublic relations charge? Seriously? The suggestion was part of the PLP's constant headline shopping whenever crime spiked; emergency Cabinet meetings, declarations that "we've had enough", the SWAT suggestion all were met with zero follow through other than jabs at the Governor.

Few amounted to anything whether the Opposition or others said they had merit or not.

The PLP have always been focused on the politics before the policy. But for the Premier to suggest that he couldn't follow through on SWAT because of the Opposition is comical, and more than a little desperate.

This is of course the guy who single-handedly imported the four Uighurs, without informing his Cabinet or the Governor, and quite frankly does whatever he wants in general with hiring, firing and uses the Tourism budget as his personal bucket list fund.

If he was serious about SWAT he'd have done it, or at a minimum pushed it harder. He didn't. It was floated and promptly dropped because it had served its purpose with a cheap headline.

So it's extremely lame to try and pin his party's failure to arrest escalating violent crime on a Opposition he routinely reminds isn't entitled to know what's going on because they're not in power.

Somehow, I think the public is tired of lip service on this topic. There's too many bodies for cheap politicking.

It's pretty clear where the responsibility lies on this one. That wouldn't be with the party that has been out of power for a decade and can't even get Government to respond to their Parliamentary questions.

But the time for excuses and finger pointing is gone.

Act. Stop blaming. Try a bi-partisan task-force if the UBP are really so persuasive with the public.

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