Survivor: Bermuda

I'm not surprised in the least that Wayne Furbert is trying to make a move over to the PLP. I am slightly surprised that he's doing it now, particularly as about a year ago we had a conversation outside my office while he was doing coffee deliveries that went something like this:

CD: So Wayne, when are you going to join the PLP?

WF: Christian, the one thing that I'll say is that I will not cross the floor.

CD: Sure, so you'll do it when the next election is called rather than between elections. But you're still going to go switch to the PLP.

WF: As I said, I won't cross the floor.

CD: Same difference.

And across he goes.

I tend to agree with Corey Butterfield on ZBM News this evening; this diminishes whatever stature Wayne had left after his public tearjerkers, and it is more than a bit bizarre to have a former leader of a party switch over.

I'm not sure it's a big win for Dr. Brown as Corey suggested, unless of course he can get Wayne to vote for gambling, but he might struggle with that because of his churchiness. But to be honest, he's already running a pyramid scheme, so a casino is a step up.

One more PLP seat doesn't really change the math, and like Jamahl Simmons who switched and to a lesser extent Grace Bell, he'll never be brought completely in the PLP fold and will always be seen as an outsider and a disgruntled opportunist. It's difficult to see him ever having any influence or position of importance within the PLP.

He knows he can't win as an independent. So this is simply Survivor: Bermuda.

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