Stockholm syndrome

The parade of non-development hotel developments of the past few years has created a complete sense of disbelief among the public, with hopes raised and dashed by a short term headline oriented Tourism Minister.

This strategy has resulted in complete PR exhaustion by Bermudians. Few buy the hype of the outgoing Premier's quarterly staged events which have increasingly resembled hostage situations more than major announcements; everyone except the outgoing Premier looks uncomfortable and wearing a "how did I get here and whose script am I reading from" expression.

The point of all these intentionally premature announcements was to buy the outgoing Premier more time through a quick headline, trot out the latest potential developer doing a site visit, or brand of the moment doing their due diligence and promise great things to come, sometime soon, this year, I promise.

For these reasons I've learned to wait until the bulldozers are idling before reading too much into any tourism development announcement.

With all those caveats, it was refreshing to see The Four Seasons come out on their own initiative a few days ago, absent a staged for the media event and the empty political suits with their over the top hyperbole, and sound a note of optimistic that they could begin redevelopment of the Coral Beach and Horizons properties this year.

Call me naive, or an optimistic, of suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but that announcement gave me hope for once rather than hype.

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