Shared Sacrifice

Expect many more labour disputes with the civil service as Government attempts to have workers make financial sacrifices while the Ministers continue their extravagant spending and taxpayer funded lifestyles unapologetically.

Overtime at the Ag Show and hurricane clean ups are two of the few areas that blue collar Parks staff can earn a few extra dollars a year.

Government wants them to take a hit so they can blow the money on travel and the consultant racket.

"I asked him do you get paid for a day in lieu. I said if you get paid for a day in lieu they can give us our overtime, and I left. And they gave me a verbal warning stage one," explained Mr. Smith.

"I feel real bad about it. If I can't ask a question without being warned, well something's wrong in this Country. Something's gone to the dogs.

"I've worked here 34 years and this is the first time I've ever been charged on something like this here. I want it taken back. I don't feel it's right."

Reality is setting in.

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