Political council

It is par for the course that the outgoing Premier is creating legislation for a media council to address complaints about the media while he and his colleagues are subject to absolutely no oversight body to address complaints about their behaviour (including blatant abuse of the broadcast regulations during the 2007 election campaign which the PLP appointed broadcast commission refused to address).

Just this past week we've seen filibustering and refusals to answer Parliamentary Questions not to mention the outgoing Premier himself threatening physical violence against an Opposition member in parliament several years ago.

So a media council is a priority but mention Parliamentary modernisation or standards of conduct for MPs and you're greeted with silence. In conjunction with a media council shoudl be a Parliamentary oversight body as any credible modern democracy hass.

Take the Premier's statement on the media council and insert the political and he sounds quite reasonable for a change:

"This bill was developed to create an independent ethics council which will promote fairness, accuracy, accountability and integrity in the content and presentation of political behaviour.

"This is an unprecedented step for Bermuda and as such, its aims are to establish standards of conduct for elected officials and a mechanism for dealing with complaints of breach of any of those standards; to respect political expression ; and to provide a forum through which elected officials will interact with the community."

Dr. Brown said the community had "suffered too long from the devastating impact of unaccountable elected officials".

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