On arrogance

In light of Marc Bean's attempted smackdown of Michael Dunkley as ignorant and arrogant I thought I'd highlight Dr. Brown opining on arrogance.

He continued: "What happens when black men in particular are confident and have a few dollars? The confidence is called arrogance and the dollars are called elitism.

"You will never hear (former Opposition Leader) Grant Gibbons referred to as arrogant or elitist yet those labels might more accurately be applied to him.

Well, (former Opposition Leader) Michael Dunkley was just referred to as arrogant by one of Dr. Brown's disciples.

How do we reconcile this? Ignorance, elitism and arrogance are not constrained by race, and the double standards and fabrications around political language (see political eunuch) fall apart quickly when only a little bit of pressure is applied.

It's all just politics.

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