Bermuda on the precipice

A must read in the Gazette op-ed pages today by Kevin Comeau.

Interesting, thought provoking, grounded in reality and dispassionate. A very, very important piece as more and more people are building the overwhelming case that despite the Government's most creative and energetic attempts to spin away are becoming more than just inconvenient truths.

Back on the term limits discussion, I've had quite a lot of feedback from all sorts of people over the past 24 hours. There is a collective shaking of heads at the tone and hostility towards the leaders of our business community, referred to as the 'alphabet groups' (a term which would include the "PLP" I might add) coupled with a guarded optimism.

The underlying message here is that the calling of this meeting is an implicit acknowledgment that the Minister is, as a friend put it to me today, "not absolutely sure about his stance on term limits otherwise he wouldn't be looking for outside views".

That much seems self-evident. I suspect that the anticipated end game here is that the Minister and his party are open to, or perhaps actively seeking, political cover to walk back or substantially amend the term limits policy. The reality is that the PLP are so heavily invested politically in term limits as the centre-piece of their claim to be the party of and for Bermudians that they are not going to revoke it without minimizing the political damage.

So, despite the many aspects of the email invitation and structuring of the event that I find distasteful and disrespectful towards the business community - who have created more opportunity and wealth for Bermudians than any Government policy or program - I would encourage people to attempt to engage with the Minister constructively.

Sometimes opportunities present themselves in unusual ways without warning. This is a chance for Bermuda to take one small step away from the edge and acknowledge that our relationship with our international businesses does not have to adversarial and is mutually beneficial and that the PLP, like anyone or any group, can grow with time and acknowledge that times have changed and perhaps their policies must as well.

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