You reap what you sow

Amid all the comment on the apparent free fire zone that has spread across the island, Dale Butler was quoted as saying the following in response to the latest shooting:

Government MP Dale Butler said he is still trying to digest what happened: "When there is little or no discipline and basic values and institutions are ignored, you reap what you sow."

That applies to the way the island is governed as well. The lack of (fiscal) discipline and basic values (truth) and institutions being ignored (or in the case of the Auditor outright attacked) from our politicians shouldn't be ignored either.

This has a trickle down effect. The tone has been set at the highest levels.

Bermuda's criminals are not dumb. They know that the Government are playing politics with the Police rather than supporting them, and they'll take advantage of a lack of political will to crack down.

They surely noticed during the election campaign that the incumbent party declared that getting tough on crime was "draconian".

Message received. You reap what you sow.

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